Childhood Foundation of the Madarász Street Hospital

Nothing is more important, than our children!

This is why the Childhood Foundation was created by the coworkers of the Madarasz Street Children Hospital and Polyclinic in 1990 in order to ensure a high level health care for the little patients, and for up-dating our paediatric care. From that time the Foundation helped our hospital with more than 200 Million forints! This big amount of money originated from donations and from the 1% of personal taxes of people. So by the advent of the civil sphere we got the possibility for improving the children's care! Since 2006, our institution operates together with the Heim Pál Children's Hospital under a common lead, with the essential support of our Foundation.

Objectives of the Foundation:

  • to replace the instruments lacking, to enlarge and up-date the set of devices and instruments of the Hospital, to renovate the Hospital and its institutions, to enlarge it by reconstructions
  • to support the local adaption of up-to-date home and international medical procedures,
  • to support the training and professional development of our coworkers,
  • to support efforts for easing the hospital stay of the children, for improving the nursing conditions and for making possible for parents to stay with their children int he Hospital.
  • to help in preserving and improve the children's good physical, mental and psychic condition in and out of the Hospital
  • Our new aim since 2010th: to help children's community health care in our territory ( three North-Pest districts of Budapest)

In the last three years, our foundation could develop new therapeutic possibilities by obtaining ( among many other medical instruments ) for example a new , modern, complete laparoscopic device-system, and many endoscopic tools for our surgery department from the donations and from 1% of the taxes from the civil sphere. We could significally improve the hospital's X-rays diagnostic possibilities.

From the time of integration of the two biggest children's hospitals, our institution is responsible for the whole hemato-oncology and premature's care. For this reason, we reconsctructed the premature's department in order to create possibility to the mothers for staying int he hospital with their babies. The Childhood Foundation decided also to participate in financing of the urgent enlarging, renovation and modernisation of the Intensive Care Unit in the Madarasz street Hospital, which reconstruction was extremely impontant because of our very big traumatologic traffic too.

This was ( until now ) our last important project, which has been finished succesfully in March 2011 with the help of our kind supporters. Now we will turn most efforts to develop and improve the possibilities in curing our oncologic patients. For the time beeing is extremely important to obtain a new, up- date, multifunction, high resolution power ultrasonogpahic equipment, The price is about 20 000 000 HUF. We can buy such an expensive device only with Your kind charity, with the help of the civil sphere.

How can you help?

By offering your 1% of personal tax to our Foundation, which for you is free of costs and with only the task to give the name and the tax number of our Foundation in your tax return form. Our tax number: 19624617-1-41.( onlyfor Hungarian people, who should pay tax in Hungary) Our Foundation gladly welcomes every offer, we are grateful for every forint which we can use for healing our small patients. Your kind support can be arranged either by bank transfer, or by using the postal check by providing your name and tax number.

Our bank account number: 11713005-20067481

We count on financial supports from both individuals and firms, civil organisations, donors from home and abroad. The donations are supported by the actual tax law for fims. We also take any other kind of donations, material gifts, maintainance, helping in renovations, printing or PR activity, etc.


New horisons.....Our new follows.....
After finishing the reconstruction of our Intensive Care Unit at the last may, last december we managed to obtain a high-performance, advanced ultrasound eqiupment. This was a big success for our foundation. We are very thankful to our kind supporters!

We must now focus the efforts to the necessary extension the surgery ward. This project is worth about. 25-million forints in order to enlarge the department with three new rooms. Without it, we can't cope any more with growing patient needs. The plan itself is quite ambitious - and expensive, naturally - so we need Your kind help as before!


And the story ( we hope ...) never will end!
With the big help of our former and new kind supporters, we could renovate and enlarge our Surgery. So we enriched our chirurgic ward with two new, modern, comfortable and nice, aesthetic rooms, with 5 beds in each, with necessary service places. We should have done this because of the growing need to admit more ill children to the hospital and to improve the required service facilities. Our Foundation could give 10 million Forints to the budget of the Hospital, and with the help of other two Foundations could reach The Madarasz street Hospital this big success.

Many thanks to the civil sphere !!!
We hope and rely on following public support and additional 1% of taxes, and donations, to carry out our great aim: improve permanently conditions of children's medicine!

Budapest, 2012, October

According to the judge's ruling 12 P.K. 63 753/17, the Foundation is an organisation of public utility.

Residence of the Foundation:

H-1131 Budapest, Madarász V. Street 22-24 (Int he building of the Hospital)
Tel.: +36 1 450 3704, Fax: +36 1 320 8825


Keeping contact


János Kemény, MD. Chief Pediatricien,
President of the Board of the Foundation.
Tel.: +36 20 968 4139

Szingerné Toth Marianna
Office leader
Tel.: +36 30 988 2606